Jerusalem, Holy Sepulcher’s monumental columns transported to archaeological museum Custody of the Holy Land, RSF “mission almost impossible”

Restauratori Senza Frontiere Italia with Pietro Coronas, president of RSF Protezione Civile Emergenza Beni Culturali, has just concluded a very important operation to secure and move archaeological artifacts in the Holy Land. Five monumental columns and two Corinthian capitals, removed in 1969 from the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem because they were unstable […]

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RSF an active part of “Save Ukraine Art 22”

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, a meeting-meeting was held in Venice on the Save Ukraine Art 22 project, the all-Italian initiative, which was born in Venice in March 2022 after an appeal by some Lviv museum directors to secure artworks in Ukrainian museums threatened by the war. RSF is also an active part of the […]

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In Defense of Humankind’s Cultural Heritage: What Happened to The Hague Convention?

In the Who Are We section of the RSF website, it is said: “RSF will fight to spread fundamental and systematically disregarded assumptions, such as those set out in the Second Protocol of the Hague Convention: The Parties to a conflict must ensure the immunity of cultural property under enhanced protection by refraining from making it […]

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Amphipolis Tomb Monument in Danger A Year After Unearthing

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By Philip Chrysopoulos – da , 9 aug 2015 The first year anniversary of the Amphipolis tomb discovery finds the archaeological site in danger of being buried again in dirt, and oblivion. It was a year ago when the discovery of the ancient tomb was heralded as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in history, […]

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The Destruction of Cultural Heritage Should be a War Crime

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The world has changed; the law must change with it By ERIC GIBSON The Wall Steet Juornal – Feb. 27, 2015 4:40 p.m. ET   It turns out that the news isn’t as bad as it first appeared. On Thursday, Islamic State posted a five-minute video of men destroying ancient Mesopotamian sculptures in the Mosul […]

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FAI, 31thousands of monuments to be restored

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The President of the fund tip of the finger on the absence of the landscape plans, the introduction of which is said to favor the minister Franceschini   The seventh edition of the census “Places of the Heart”  hold by the Fai (Fondo ambiente italiano) will end on the  30th November.  Which called together all the Italians monuments which […]

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RSF is pleased to announce the opening of the Cultural Heritage professionals map. Anyone who wants to publish its own professional profile, may do so asking to sign up as a Membership of the Association, or by registering for free as a sympathizer We remind you that Restorers Without Borders was founded only a year ago, with […]

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Cucciolla: “Mess in the Old Bari, the Soprintendence hasn’t supervised”

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From “La Repubblica” – 29th August, 2014 By Francesca Russi The architect and university professor: “We have arrived to a number of 30 associations and committees that have joined the battle. To enhance the area we need to relieve traffic” THERE ARE the professor and the worker, the employee and the student, the banker and […]

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The restoration of the Carracci Gallery – the protagonists illustrate the progress of the works

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VIDEO From th 15th of March 2014, the Carracci gallery is closed for restoration. On this video you can find out the actors of the project and discover the importance of the work. Among the protagonists is Paulo Pastorello President of RSF Italy, which plays the role of restorer and project manager of the Consortium […]

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Settis: also musuems can die

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by Salvatore Settis, from Il Giornale dell’Arte number 344, July 2014 THE USE WE DO NOWDAYS DISTORTS THEIR RAISON FOR BEING It seems impossible, but it can happen. Born in the early eighteenth century, like all cultural creations they are not immortal. The preservation is growing in the emerging countries in which the cultural heritage has an […]

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