The Association Restorers Without Borders has for purpose the organization and management of national and international initiatives aimed at the promotion and enhancement of culture, art, goods of artistic and historical interest, the protection, the revaluation of the nature, the environment and compromised landscapes, with goals of social and economic utility.

Ongoing activities

RSF is currently involved in a number of important projects involving both Italian and international territory, some of which are already fully operational, while for others conventions and proposals for their implementation have been or are being activated

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Professionals Database

RSF is concerned with the creation of a database of expertises, of their spatial distribution and availability. The intent is to create an online archive, available to all, which make visible the curricula of different professionals who have joined RSF.

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Fund Raisnig

RSF is a non-profit association, it bases its sustainability on procurement, management and strategic planning of public and private funding and support. All of these funds are then invested in resources to be used for interventions in the field of preservation and recovery of Cultural Heritage.

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International Projects for the World Heritage Conservation

The historical-cultural heritage is daily at risk in the world for this reason RSF intends to participate to international projects in collaboration with NGOs and other institutions and international organizations cooperating in this way to the conservation, restoration and maintenance of immovable and movable Cultural Heritage whose existence or integrity is in danger.

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Divulgation and Promotion of Culture Preservation

RSF is concerned with the promotion and divulgation of culture and preservation practice through its publishing activities and a considerable communication job, both aimed at the dissemination of the results of the activities. It also intends to organize events, participate in trade fairs and conferences that deal with preservation of cultural heritage.

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Educational Activities

RSF is committed to the achievement of specific didactic courses, in the activation of internships, organization of seminars and conferences about the preservation of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with universities and restoration schools. RSF intends to promote and coordinate teaching assignments for specialists in the conservation field in order to promote the knowledge and raise public awareness on prevention, conservation and enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

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Inolvement of local populations

RSF puts at the center of its activities the value of culture, dignity and human well-being by promoting and coordinating volunteer activities and carrying out humanitarian activities. In fact, RSF aims to involve local people in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, developing the skills and capabilities of individuals and communities, avoiding their continuous dependence on external aid, promoting dialogue, discussion and participation.

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